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Prolink's lighting camera operators specialise in feature items where creative camerawork is often coupled with dramatic lighting set-ups.

Prolink Crews are available with Hi-Definition HDCAM and XDCAM formats, Digital Betacam or DVCAM cameras and comprehensive sound and lighting kits.  Prolink camera crews provided the principal photography for "Olympic Destinies" the winner of the FISI European Film Award for best sports documentary and "The Wimbledon Official Film 2000" nominated for best sports programme at the "Indie 2001" awards.

Additional items such as backdrops, track, dollies, jibs and specialist lighting can be added from our large stock of equipment.We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable equipment and individuals who share our belief that the right creativity behind the camera, coupled with the right chemistry and cooperation behind the scenes, are the key ingredients of a successful shoot

Over the years Prolink has provided fully equipped camera crews for assignments in the UK, North America (NTSC kit), Continental Europe and Asia.