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We offer an Outside Broadcast capability with an enviable track record.  With a long list of programme credits covering sport, light entertainment, news and current affairs, talkshows, music, the arts and business television, you can be confident that Prolink can deliver the experience, equipment and crew that your next production deserves.

  UNIT 1

 Unit 1 is a conventional OB scanner operating as either a High Def or Standard Def solution.  The unit offers a two tier Production area,  Sound and Vision / VT facilities are housed in dedicated areas. Unit 1 will handle 10 CCU controlled cameras and boasts a vision mixer capable of matching demanding production needs.  You can find further images and a specification summary for Unit 1 below.


Unit 2 is a versatile vehicle with a fitted Gallery containing LED monitors, multiviewers and dedicated air conditioning.  A second area can be used to house one of our PPU configurations to give complete flexibility on the power of technical facilities offered. PPU configurations are available for Multi-camera production (Hi and Standard Def) and Editing (Linear or non-linear)



 Front production desk

Unit 1 offers a spacious and comfortable working environment within a footprint that makes it particularly suitable for locations where access is limited or parking space restricted. The primary Production area boasts front and rear desks and can accomodate up to 6 personnel.  The front desk with its main monitor stack and vision mixer is shown above.  The rear desk offering monitors, router switching panels and full talkback facilities is shown below.


 Front and rear production desks

The Vision and VT area offers racking for up to 8 triax or fibre controlled cameras across two  comprehensively equipped vision positions.  The area allows for the installation and monitoring of four VTR machines of any format, plus two 6 channel EVS devices.

The Sound Department. Home of a Broadcast featured 96 input Digital mixer, talkback matrix, stereo router, a range of outboard processors, metering and sound monitoring



  • Vision Mixer: Ross Carbonite Multi Definition mixer - 24 inputs, 10 outputs, 2.5ME, 4 floating MiniMe, 10 keyers, 8 floating DVE, 2 independent multiviewers, up-conversion and/or synchronisation on every input
  • Camera channels: Upto 10 CCU controlled cameras (Ikegami or Sony) plus cabled cameras, minicams etc.
  • VTR: to client requirements: capacity for up to 8 HD XDCAM machines plus 2 EVS
  • Router: Leitch 128 x 128 Multi definition,  16 x 16 Stereo audio
  • Vision Monitors: Vutrix HD flat screen monitors with built in tally and UMD.
  • Sound: Digico SD10Broadcast mixer with 96 Inputs, external MADI conectivity,
    additional comms mixers
  • Talkback: RTS Telex, fully programmable, multiple 4 wires, IFBs etc.

For a full specification including floorplans, monitor stack layout, external dimensions and power requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.