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We offer a range of sound services both to complement our camera shoots and as a stand alone operation. From a single microphone to a full conference system with PA, microphones and recorders, we have the equipment and expertise to support your event.

We can 'broadcast' your event via the internet or allow external participants to join the proceedings via a telephone conference facility.  This facility allows staff, customers and other third parties, anywhere in the world, to join an event, either to simply listen or to actively participate in Presentations and Question and Answer sessions.

  A typical Prolink Audio PPU provides:

 - Sound desk
 - Peak Programme Meters
 - MonitoringTelephone Balance Unit
 - Compressor/Limiters
 - Audio Distribution Amplifiers
 - MiniDisc Player/recorder
 - ISDN Codec
 - Wireless or cabled microphones
 - PA system appropriate to room and audience size